Saturday, January 4, 2014


No, that isn't a real word. I want to write about great things in the world, but unfortunately the first word that came to mind to describe such things I want to write about is "awesome" which I quite detest because it is used for every single thing, actually awesome or not. So I thought that perhaps I would make up a word to describe the things that are happy, and make my day just a bit brighter, as brighteners. See what I did there. Autocorrect is loving this. Anyway, a brightener is anything, big or little, that makes whatever you are doing just a little bit more awesome. I suppose it just had to make its way in there somehow. Anyway, a brightener that I discovered as of late, and that certainly makes my day a bit more awesome (on most occasions) is the eccentric Doctor Who television show. It is wonderful on so many layers, it only makes you sad when Moffat throws a curve ball at you, here's to you Ponds. Regardless, it is heartwarming, adventurous and wonderfully clever. It certainly makes my days a little more bright. It can be found on Netflix, but also other internet sources, if you know where to look. 

So give it a go. The old ones are cheesy in the most delightful 60's era way, and the new ones are well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope they make your days just a little bit brighter. 

Word of the the day: Brightener, see above for a good and proper definition. 

Observations 1

Second post. Not exactly keeping tidy with my resultion but habits take time to form; Rome wasn't built in a day, after all. 

I realize in these past few days that in fact it might not be the easiest to post about all of the awesome things I find going on in the world every single day. My first realization is that I have, perhaps uncomfortably high expectations for each one that simply does not match the the time I have available, and secondly I realized that sometimes I would rather write about other things. My resultion is simply writing, so perhaps if I just get in the swing of writing, the rest of what is in my head for my high-expectation posts will come along easier with time. 

Anyway, this is called observations, because sometimes I think about things and they can't quite escape my head until I write them out. I figure this will probably be a reoccurring theme so I titled it observations 1. Lots of brain power and cleverness went into that, I know. 

My observation has plagued me most intently the past several days, it had occurred before but the nature of tiny made me not care that much. I have noticed that when I am back in my hometown, I don't quite feel myself. Which is quite strange, no? I feel as though the normal thing would be that people feel comfortable and themselves at home, and it just does not bode that way for me. I do not think that it is my home, or the people within it that makes me feel so, I think it is perhaps the town, and that I never felt at home here. In fact, my goal was always to leave, I feel more myself almost anywhere else in the world besides this place, which it find severely odd. Now the the side effect of this, is that when I am home, it truly feels as though all energy, motivation, and desire to do anything is gone. I don't know what it is about this place but almost no matter what I do, and no matter how badly I may want to do it, i am continually am too exhausted to do it in a reasonable time frame if at all. When I leave I get it all back, and I can accomplish all that I need to, but when I am here everything is bleak and there is no pressure to do anything,regardless of how important. This bothers me quite a lot, mostly because I do not understand fully why this occurs. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like it affects the entire town, yet no one realizes what exactly is happening. 

Well, that is my post for January 2 of this year. Here's to hoping I can keep this going. 

Word of the day: Esoteric, understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. 
As in, this blog may have a rather esoteric audience 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: That New-Year Smell

Ahh... A new year, a new beginning, a new list of things I wish to make permanent, or remove, from my life. I'll keep this one simple, on New Year's Eve I saw a nice little ditty that said, "tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book, write  a good one." And I thought to myself, writing, why, I haven't sat down and done that it a good long while and 365 pages is not too terrible to ask of oneself; why, that is only a page a day! Completely manageable! So I have only one resultion that I will ask of myself this year. To write, just once a day, maybe more if I am feeling particularly verbose, but simply to write each day. 
I have completed school, I have a new job for this new year, and a new goal for my writing, so I think it can be managed. I hope to improve the process of extracting my thoughts and penning them to paper, and perhaps improve my vocabulary at the same time. In fact, I am enacting a mandatory new word-a-day rule. Because I can. Annd, with my swanky graduation present (it's an iPad air) I hope that this will be more managable than when I tried to blog from my smartphone. It seemed great, until the iPad. 

And in case you were wondering, I have decided to write about the awesome things I find going on in the world. I have discovered so many in the past 8 months, I really want to share them with whomever will listen, and honestly even some who don't want to listen, because that is the way I am. Of course, new job, new state, new side of the country, I will most certainly be posting about some things going on in my own life as well. 

Well, I only have 15 minutes until it is day two of the new year, I best publish before I break my resolution on the first day. 

Word of the day: 
Prolix: Excessively long and wordy. 
As in, a great many of my posts may indeed be prolix.