Saturday, January 4, 2014


No, that isn't a real word. I want to write about great things in the world, but unfortunately the first word that came to mind to describe such things I want to write about is "awesome" which I quite detest because it is used for every single thing, actually awesome or not. So I thought that perhaps I would make up a word to describe the things that are happy, and make my day just a bit brighter, as brighteners. See what I did there. Autocorrect is loving this. Anyway, a brightener is anything, big or little, that makes whatever you are doing just a little bit more awesome. I suppose it just had to make its way in there somehow. Anyway, a brightener that I discovered as of late, and that certainly makes my day a bit more awesome (on most occasions) is the eccentric Doctor Who television show. It is wonderful on so many layers, it only makes you sad when Moffat throws a curve ball at you, here's to you Ponds. Regardless, it is heartwarming, adventurous and wonderfully clever. It certainly makes my days a little more bright. It can be found on Netflix, but also other internet sources, if you know where to look. 

So give it a go. The old ones are cheesy in the most delightful 60's era way, and the new ones are well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope they make your days just a little bit brighter. 

Word of the the day: Brightener, see above for a good and proper definition. 

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