Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Evidently I'm One of Those Political People


     As I approach the end of my first two decades, I have been realizing many things about myself, things that, previously, I would not have correlated to my being. And as the days go by, and I dwell on these realizations, I had another one: that I really just ought to embrace it. While there have been little realizations, middle realizations, and one or two bigger ones, I feel as though one takes precedence.
I am a really awful speller. 

     Just joking. I mean I really am, (you would have never known, thank you spell-check) but that is not the one that takes precedence. It is that I am extremely opinionated, involved in politics, and really enjoy spreading ideas around and vocally suggesting that while you may think you are right, really, because we are disagreeing, you are in fact wrong. WRONG! There, I said it.
     I know I have a determination to be right, to produce the correct answers, to solve the problem correctly,  but I had previously never ascribed these tendencies to having any sort of political or societal commentary. However as of late, as I read about policies that may or may not come to pass in our government, or our reactions as a society to a certain event or advertisement (here's looking at you Cheerios) I find my head abuzz with a chatter, all of my opinions and comments swarming, positioning to escape my head and flow freely out into the world. But before they are released, some part of me yells, "Wait! What are you doing? You are not that person! You do not go around spouting your opinions on how such and such ought to be done because of x, y, and z! You are not that old person at get-togethers who opens with their opinion on something and makes everyone else uncomfortable!" Well yes, I am realizing, I am this person. I do have these opinions, I am very involved (emotionally, it's not as though I have the power to call Barry O and suggest some changes and then have them happen) with what is happening in the world, I am concerned, I am passionate, sometimes frustrated, and I want to add my voice to the chorus.
     Previous to me embracing this, was me denying this, after having realized this, after living with this desire and honestly believing I didn't have it. Lets just say that some events in my life became painfully obvious as to why they turned out the way they did, because at some point along the way I was just spewing these opinions out while being in complete denial that I was, in fact, that kind of opinion-spewing person. For everyone who came into contact with the contents of my spewing, I really am sorry if you have been sprayed on. I know it exists now, so now I am channeling it wisely.
   In partnership with the need to spew opinions is the need of a venue to commence spewing. Weirdly enough I have my own blog where I have been commencing the spew of my opinions already. This works out for me because I really didn't know where to take this blog. I wanted it to be of my travels and adventures but as I haven't been able to get up and go anywhere, which is really boring, I didn't have much to write about. Instead, I will focus my spewing tendencies here, where I can project them into the world, continue writing, and save my Facebook friends the constant bombardment of my opinions and links to various topics with a political interest.Huzzah!
I will work to improve my spelling as well, as an aside. 

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