Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Steve The All Knowing Cabby

     Let me begin with this: this week, has not been my week. It is not that anything bad has happened exactly, I was just faced with a singular difficult decision, on top of building stressors, and I broke. When I break, I feel such endless despair. Not that anything wont be right again, it's just that I can't do anything to further the process to making things better. Everything makes me cry, and I feel like there are at least three dementors hovering around my head, constantly sucking my happiness. It becomes too easy for my inner voice to become lashing, and point out all of my faults and shortcomings, furthering my spiral into misery. In short, it has not been my week.
     In a crazy turn of events, I found myself packing a suitcase and taking off for a place that had never given me much happiness, but is full of people who do: home. Right now that isn't important, what is, is what I learned from Steve.
    Steve, is my worldly cabby driver from Greece who drove me to the airport this evening. He is a fun, kooky-looking, old man who maintained a constant stream of chatter the whole drive over, which I greatly appreciated. Beginning the conversation, was talk about the most obvious: School. He then dove into, what I assume, was a well rehearsed schpeal about how important school is. The difference being one million dollars. He said that over my lifetime as a college graduate I will make a million more dollars than a non-grad. Alright, I've heard it before.
     He then dove into a narration about a fellow he drove to the airport fifteen years ago, whom he ran into recently and was reminded of. Evidently, this fellow needed a ride to the airport from school, as did I, and Steve told him what he told me tonight, and the fellow listened, worked, graduated, and now owns two law firms and is extremely successful. When he ran into Steve, he reminded him who he was, and how Steve's advice to push through and graduate helped him to go pursue his dreams. Steve said that no, this fellow did is of his own accord, all that Steve did, was show him that a door could be opened, it was the fellow who opened it, and went through to the other side.  Door metaphor, heard it, but it was especially well done by Steve. What he then imparted on me next, is more of what is important.
     Perhaps I just looked troubled, but he told me about this saying that is popular amongst the Greek (according to Steve). That phrase being, "it is better to sleep worry, than to sleep sorry" it doesn't quite rhyme in my American accent, but in his Greek one, it has a perfect rhythm. This means, that when making a decision, there is no need to rush; you must slow down, think it over, and come to a decision thoughtfully, no matter how simple the question. He said the Greeks thought it was better to fall asleep worrying about what do to about a decision, than to fall asleep sorry you made the wrong one. Well, let me tell you, that is exactly what I needed to hear. Steve, you are the all knowing cabby, and I hope that one day I do meet you again so I can tell you successful I have become, and how much I needed to hear that.

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